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Jack Lansdale graduated from the University Of Arizona College Of Law in 1974.  He is admitted to practice law in the State Courts of Arizona and California, and in the United States District Courts of Arizona (federal courts) and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. 

Early in his practice, Mr. Lansdale worked as a prosecuting attorney for the Attorney General's Office and the Pima County Attorney's Office, focusing on the prosecution of narcotics and organized crime cases.  He completed 25 felony jury trials before entering into private practice in 1976. 

Since entering private practice, Mr. Lansdale has represented individuals charged with a wide array of criminal offenses, including both misdemeanors and felonies in the State and Federal Courts.He has represented thousands of defendants charged with criminal offenses, and has over 500 trials. 

​Misdemeanor representation includes such cases as DUI, criminal traffic such as criminal speeding and reckless driving, domestic violence offenses, shoplifting and theft, drug offenses and prostitution offenses.  These cases are normally handled in the justice courts or the magistrate courts for the various cities and towns. 

Felony representation has included a wide variety of offenses ranging from “white collar” offenses such as securities fraud, embezzlement and wire fraud, to violent offenses, including the jury trial representation of three cases for whom the State sought the death penalty. 

Your freedom and record are too important to entrust to an inexperienced attorney.  If you are arrested, your must take immediate action to hire an experienced criminal attorney. Mr. Lansdale has a longtime established practice in Tucson; he knows the court, the judges, and the prosecuting attorneys that will be involved in your case. This experience is invaluable to maximize your opportunity for the best possible outcome. 

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